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Birth of a Blog February 1, 2011

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Welcome to Parentsong, a blog about the day to day life in the Bullard household. For our family, friends, and curious on-lookers. Pretty straight-forward.

Why Parentsong? Well, we are parents who sing all day long with our daughter and I am thinking of this blog as sort of an illustration to how we approach our lives together. This is our “song.” Since this is my first attempt at blogging, I expect an evolution of what exactly this is all about. After all, isn’t that how parenting works? This post is the birth.

Speaking of birth, I hope to have a post in the next 2 weeks about the actual birth of our second child. All we know at this point is that it will most likely be a baby, though I am convinced by all the “digging” this baby does in the womb that it is actually a badger.

I’m sure I could put more into this birth post, but it is short and sweet. An easy one. Thanks for reading!


One Response to “Birth of a Blog”

  1. elisa Says:

    hey miss blogity-blogger! Is that a pic of a bog on your blog??!

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