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William Rubin March 1, 2011

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When Nick took the baby to the pediatrician two days after he was born, I was expecting him to be gone for about an hour. Then he called me saying he had to take the baby to the hospital for tests because he appeared to have very high bilirubin levels (jaundice).  Many babies have jaundice when they are born, but sometimes it needs action.

The tests revealed a bilirubin level of 18.3, apparently rather high, as 22 can call for hospitalization. After a little back and forth with the pediatrician, we had ordered the biliblanket to be delivered by a medical supply company. The baby was to be on this blue light over night and get tested again in the morning.

Of course, we didn’t get to the lab until after they closed. I called the pediatrician and she said keep him on the light as much as possible. We also had him in the sunshine for a good hour two days in a row. So the poor babe had to sleep with this plastic glowing paddle thing in his back. This was not fun for me either, trying to nurse him and change him all the time.

We still didn’t have a name for the baby, so Nick suggested William Rubin, since his bilirubin levels were so high. Ha ha, of course Nick can keep his sense of humor despite being terribly sleep deprived and fighting a cold.

Fortunately, by Monday morning he was fine. The pediatrician said we would not have to have him tested again. Thanks to about 40 hours on the glowing blue light and lots of nursing!


3 Responses to “William Rubin”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Isabel also had the light too- we used to call her our little glow worm. They srarted making the toy again, so we of course bought her one. It did make it hard to sleep, feed, and change diapers.

    • parentsong Says:

      Yeah, I never really knew of such a thing for use at home. Now I am learning that so many people have had to use these things! I’m glad it was so simple and solved the problem.

  2. […] Day three was more of the same, except that we got news at the doctor visit that he had very high levels of bilirubin and would have to be tested. You can catch that exciting story on another post, William Rubin. […]

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