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Our Sweet Little Angel (Ha!) April 16, 2011

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I knew that this baby was quite spunky from the way he behaved in the womb. Always kicking, no, thrashing about for several hours every night. He came into this world with a bang and hasn’t let up since. This boy has been nursing non-stop since he was born. I mean, he can go four hours, but that has only happened twice. Usually he will nurse every 30 minutes for about 8 hours a day. The rest of the time it is every 1-2 hours.

Now, they aren’t long, drawn out nursing sessions. He is finished after about five minutes. He has learned not to take too much at a time because he spits it all back up. He used to lose the whole “meal” several times a day. We figured out how to deal with the spitting up (thanks to Dr. Sears’ suggestions) and so that is less of an issue. Although, I am still changing my outfit (yes, the entire thing) one to three times a day.

For many babies, spitting up causes a weight gain problem. Not with this guy. He is, as of today, 14 lbs 12 oz. Okay, seven weeks and on our way to 6-9 month clothing!

Sleeping is also a big issue. Since he nurses so much, he sleeps very little. I mean, sometimes nine hours in a 24-hour period. He averages just under 12. For a newborn, that is very low. So he’s active, no problem, right? Wrong. Most of his waking time, if not nursing, he is crying. Loudly. Like an ambulance driving right through your living room. So, is something wrong with him? I don’t know.

Enter the medications: We started Zantac (against our wishes) with the hope of helping him be in less pain. His crying was often related to feeding, so he was diagnosed with reflux, or GER. After two weeks and no change, we have switched him to Prilosec, which is supposed to be more effective. Still, not a whole lot of difference. He may just be very vocal, or grow out of it eventually like so many babies do.

So how are we coping? More to come on that. I’ll write that bit as soon as I have another few minutes here and there to actually sit and use both of my hands!


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