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Feeding the Ducks March 1, 2011

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One nice thing about where we live is that we can walk down to the river and find all kinds of fun things to do. We also have 2 lovely canals on either side of the river full of water fowl, frogs and other fun creatures. One of Briony’s favorite things to do is feed the ducks. This usually includes feeding geese, swans, sea gulls and pigeons as well. They get the ends of the bread that we don’t eat. Briony knows it, too. She tries pushing off the food she doesn’t want anymore for the ducks. Nice try, Briony.

These photos are from a recent walk to the NJ canal. Nick managed to get some great photos of Briony’s close encounters with the geese. Fortunately, they don’t bite the hand that feeds them. I think they were equally curious in each other:


Sock Hands February 12, 2011

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Nap time sock

Christmas sock

Ever since Briony was given mittens and gloves, she loves wearing them. Not necessarily when she has to wear them, but when she wants to. Another fashion item she wears on her hands is socks. She often goes into her sock drawer to pull out the pair for her feet, and the pair for her hands. One sock or two, she likes it either way:

Getting ready sock