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Modified Summer Solstice Celebration June 20, 2011

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As we approach the longest day, and shortest night, I like to believe I am honoring something outside of our tiny home. With a new baby, the days just skip by. Birthdays, holidays, Mondays and Fridays and any ‘ol day. But I did manage to make a change in the house to reflect the change in season.

Out with the penguin and snowflakes and in with the butterflies!

When we get out of survival mode, I would like to have some way of acknowledging the changing seasons. Each season has such a special feel to it. For summer, it is the warm air, thunderstorms, bare feet, sweat and dirt, fresh fruit and garden vegetables, farmer’s markets, and water. I’m looking forward to some of the summer events that we take part in. I’m also looking forward to sharing them on my blog!