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Circle Time at Home: An Introduction July 2, 2011

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Most preschoolers and even children in day care probably experience some kind of “circle time” during the day. In our Waldorf-inspired parenting group we attend, we open with circle time. Everyone gathers to sit in a circle and we go through a short series of songs, rhymes, finger plays, and usually close with a little something to nibble on. We use the same circle at home that is used when we are in the group. The songs and rhymes usually reflect the season and help the child to recognize and relate to what is going on around them.

I love circles at home because it is a designated time of the day that we can focus on singing and rhyming. It is a short time, only about five or ten minutes. For the young child, this repetition is important for building language and communication skills as well as attention span, memorization skills, and social skills. It feels so wonderful to have Briony saying the rhymes with me and singing the songs. It creates a meaningful ritual in the day.

In future posts, I hope to share circles (sets of songs and rhymes) that we are using. These change over every so often, probably about every two months. It is fun to put the circles together and use them. Maybe it will inspire some of your own circles! I’d love to hear special songs or rhymes you like to use with your little ones, even if they aren’t so little anymore!


Fresh Pics! March 13, 2011

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Looking rather ginger here...

Enough of my blabbing, here are some of the latest Briony and Gabriel photos for your viewing pleasure!