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Farm Days! July 24, 2011

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We are fortunate to have a really fantastic “living history” farm near us. It is preserved by the county and therefore free to go and visit! They keep sheep, work horses, a cow, chickens, two massive oxen, pigs, and a happy family of geese. The educational component of the farm is amazing. I have learned so much about 19th century farming! They continue to run the farm using simple machines, animal, and human hands. Here are a few snapshots from our trips there.

Briony watches the sheep graze

Briony and Daddy help find fresh eggs

I learned that chickens lay eggs whether a rooster is around or not. If the rooster is not there, the eggs aren’t fertile. I never knew it! This farm keeps one or two roosters. They use the eggs to bake on the weekends.

Children fill water buckets from the well

Pumping water from a well is hard work for little hands! After all the children filled their buckets, they took it around the barn to the big work horse who was resting. She enjoyed the fresh water.

Cooling off with a nice mud bath

I think these are Greylag geese, but I cannot remember. They are pretty birds.

Wool hanging in the barn

This is the first time I’ve seen wool hanging like this. I suppose it keeps it off the floor.

Briony with her friend, Aly, watching the rooster. Briony also calls roosters cockerels, which is the English term.


Fresh Pics! March 13, 2011

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Looking rather ginger here...

Enough of my blabbing, here are some of the latest Briony and Gabriel photos for your viewing pleasure!


Feeding the Ducks March 1, 2011

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One nice thing about where we live is that we can walk down to the river and find all kinds of fun things to do. We also have 2 lovely canals on either side of the river full of water fowl, frogs and other fun creatures. One of Briony’s favorite things to do is feed the ducks. This usually includes feeding geese, swans, sea gulls and pigeons as well. They get the ends of the bread that we don’t eat. Briony knows it, too. She tries pushing off the food she doesn’t want anymore for the ducks. Nice try, Briony.

These photos are from a recent walk to the NJ canal. Nick managed to get some great photos of Briony’s close encounters with the geese. Fortunately, they don’t bite the hand that feeds them. I think they were equally curious in each other:


Sock Hands February 12, 2011

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Nap time sock

Christmas sock

Ever since Briony was given mittens and gloves, she loves wearing them. Not necessarily when she has to wear them, but when she wants to. Another fashion item she wears on her hands is socks. She often goes into her sock drawer to pull out the pair for her feet, and the pair for her hands. One sock or two, she likes it either way:

Getting ready sock