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Preschool Activity: Simple Color Wheel September 24, 2011

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To make the color wheel, I colored a circle with the colors of the rainbow plus brown. I also colored the tips of wooden clothes pegs. To introduce our first “lesson,” I sat down with B and showed her the wheel with the pegs attached. She already knew all the colors except for indigo, so I went ahead and reviewed them with her as I removed the pegs.

Then I let B pick up the pegs one by one and identify the color on the peg and try to match it to the color on the wheel. This way, she also got to work on manipulating the pegs. She returned all the pegs to their respective color except for the blue/indigo. But once she realized they were two different shades of blue, she corrected the situation. I think she had fun doing it, even if it wasn’t a huge challenge.

I drew the wheel on the back of a floatie box with pictures of babies in the float. I think she actually enjoyed looking at that more than the colors. Silly me- don’t I know that babies in floaties are way better than colors?!

Since we are using a part Montessori method, I am going to up the ante here and make more challenging color tablets for our next “lesson.” Since I am making most of the materials, this will require a bit more prep work for me, but I’m up for it!

More to come! Thanks for reading!