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Consumed October 11, 2011

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Here’s just a quicky post from my phone. I have so many posts up my sleeve, but absolutely zero time to sit down, upload photos and write about it. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s the breathing in and out of being completely consumed with life.

We are busy putting in a mini- library (a.k.a. bookshelves), trying to put some kind of order in our house, I’m almost finished making my sister’s baby gift (after many many hours, didn’t make it for the shower in time), and keeping the children alive and well (job number one).


The weather has been fantastic (finally stopped raining), so we have been outside every chance we get. I drew B a little play ground in our parking lot. Our neighbors especially like the hopscotch. We’ve been to the farm and nature walks often.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to sit down and share soon!