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What a Wonderful Summer It Was September 10, 2011

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Now that my preschool planning is coming together a bit (though I’m not completely ready), I thought I’d take a minute to reflect on this past summer. It was quite nice since it was not blistering hot for three months straight. August was cool and wet (photos of the flood coming soon). I don’t think we used our A/C at all! I bet PECO won’t give us a break, though… Anyway, here are a few photos to capture our laid-back summer:

Many walks in the wildflower preserve

Shady spots for sitting and playing together

Warm rainy days filled much of August

Endless playground play

Of course, feeding ducks from an old lock on the canal

Warmimg up to the water

Daddy pushes G in his shaded floatie.

I think I should note that Gabriel is SUCH a water baby! He is so relaxed in the water and would splash and play until he crashed. He loved relaxing in this little float, too. We joked that he was like that guy in the pool in the Orbitz commercial. Just chillin’.

B calls this "digging up the road" as she works hard in the sand

G explores grass- a favorite of his

That’s it for now!

Happy Sunday!



Our Summer Circle Time July 16, 2011

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For us, this summer has been a time for learning and trying out new rhythms. This has been a little bit stressful because I’m not sure what we’re doing. I think this is probably normal for a family with very young children. Things change so quickly in this stage of life. One nice thing I have to share with my children is our circle time. Honestly, at this point it doesn’t happen at a set time everyday, but when we sit down and go through it together, just having that micro-rhythm brings ease and comfort to the day.

I chose some rhymes, finger plays, a couple of songs, and one chant that encourages movement (because that’s what children do!).

Our Summer Circle:

Poem: We Have a Little Garden by Beatrix Potter



Modified Summer Solstice Celebration June 20, 2011

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As we approach the longest day, and shortest night, I like to believe I am honoring something outside of our tiny home. With a new baby, the days just skip by. Birthdays, holidays, Mondays and Fridays and any ‘ol day. But I did manage to make a change in the house to reflect the change in season.

Out with the penguin and snowflakes and in with the butterflies!

When we get out of survival mode, I would like to have some way of acknowledging the changing seasons. Each season has such a special feel to it. For summer, it is the warm air, thunderstorms, bare feet, sweat and dirt, fresh fruit and garden vegetables, farmer’s markets, and water. I’m looking forward to some of the summer events that we take part in. I’m also looking forward to sharing them on my blog!