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In My Solitude February 12, 2011

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Savoring what might be the last Saturday morning I have to myself in a while, I thought I’d write about what makes it so special for me. It is the one time during the week I can look forward and plan for nearly 2 hours of staying in the house by myself. Nick takes Briony to the playroom while he does yoga. When I was still going to yoga classes, I used this time to clean and catch up on things I couldn’t do with Briony in the house (she is terrified of the vacuum cleaner).
Since about 36 weeks pregnant, I have been using my Saturdays to practice yoga at home, mostly because illness kept me out of the studio (sinus infections and food poisoning and lovely things like that). So this morning, I enjoyed a quiet, focused yoga practice. Yoga is part of my self-care practice, both while pregnant and not. I have loved it since I started 10 years ago. Fortunately, I married a fantastic yoga teacher who has been so helpful to me in improving my practice. He’s also a source of inspiration because he can do some pretty wicked poses.
The funny thing about practicing yoga throughout the pregnancy is how poses drop off little by little as one passes through each trimester. I didn’t really become affected by the changes until toward the end here. I recently had to drop sirsasana (headstand), which is one of my favorite poses, especially with a big belly. At 39 weeks, I just can’t get up there anymore, but I enjoy the two dozen or so poses that I have left available to me. It gives my body a nice release, allows my mind to refresh and leaves me feeling centered. Just right, ahhhh.

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